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CLIENT GPS RENTA $300.00 per week plus attachment


GPS Tracker Rental

Rentals from Mr. and Mrs. Detective require no long-term commitment, no cellular contract, no “locates/pings” fees, and there’s no expensive equipment to purchase – just use the unit while you need it, then send it back in the provided, postage paid container! Or we can attach if you are local

Our GPS Tracking Device Rentals come complete with Easy-to-Use Custom Developed Software that does all the work for you!

All trackers are true real-time GPS units that send information over Satellite and Cellular towers. The software provides the ability of viewing live locations, stops & we will track the GPS if you wish or give you the username and password for your GPS rental. If we do it we do charge per hour of tracking or printing reports $40.00 per hour which includes setting up perimeters and geo fences so that you always know where the vehicle is located within an average of 9 feet.

We can set speed, stops etc.

We offer only one GPS and it will stay active for 80 hours of drive time or on average about 6 weeks for the normal driver.

Our extended battery powered GPS tracker that comes in a sealed case with a 80 lb. magnet to be easily placed under a vehicle. without the case and can be carried on your body or easily concealed under a seat or in a glove-box or trunk. The extended battery holds enough bower to transmit a vehicles location every 10 seconds for 80 hours of driving.

Regardless of the duration of rental period selected the period does not start until the day after you receive the tracker. And after the period is up just place the tracker into the postage paid packaging and drop it in the mail and you’re done.

If this is a local MA case then we can attach and remove the GPS for an additional $500 to place and remove GPS if this is spousal or custody case or if you are the owner of the vehicle

So, if you rent the tracker for a week and receive the tracker on Monday, Tuesday will be considered the first day of the rental period. A 7-day rental period would then end on the following Monday, with the tracker being placed in the mail on Tuesday. We base your return on the date it was mailed and not on the date we receive it. If for some reason, you are unable to get the unit into the mail by the due date then we charge a prorated daily rate instead of charging you for an entire week like most other companies. If the tracking unit is lost or damaged or returned late we will keep the $400-dollar deposit unless there is good explanation in advance.

Deposit is returned promptly once GPS is returned safely unless there is an outstanding balance or late.

In order to keep our rental prices low we collect a 100% refundable security deposit of $400 at the time of rental. Within 24 hours of receiving your tracker back in working order we issue a full refund. If the unit is not returned and we are informed that the unit has been lost then we will end billing for the rental and charge an equipment replacement fee of $400 .. If the tracker is received back damaged then we keep the $500 as well which is the cost of replacement for the units.

• Weekly rental for $400 1 week and week  2 is 300 and 3rd is $200

• Subsequent weeks are $200

• Monthly rental for $2100, $50 for each additional day if late

• $500.00 security deposit is refundable.

If you want us to attach and detach it is $400 total

You may rent and attach and detach if you like.

Please call us if you have any questions or email us at [email protected]

Or call Mike or Deb at 401-365-3438 or 401-692-0127

GPS Tracking is not legal in the state of RI and is prosecutable as a criminal offense.

We ship priority mail once payment is made through pay pal.





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